Oyster Tasting Selection

Rock oysters from Pyefleet Creek and native oysters from Whitstable

If you can't decide if you prefer rock oysters to native oysters, you should order our oyster tasting selection.

You get rock oysters and native oysters and don't forget to add an oyster knife, you will need one to open the oysters! You also get tasting notes to guide you through the differences between the oysters, there is much more to it than the shape of the shell.

The pack makes a great present for someone, arriving in a smart insulated silver box on a day of your choice. We recommend that you keep the Oysters in the fridge with a damp tea towel or kitchen roll on top. They are best eaten as soon as possible after delivery but should last up to three days if cared for properly. 
If you are unsure about opening oysters, take a look at this video we made showing you how.
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Oyster Knife

Nutritional Information

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