We are delighted to announce that Native Oysters are back in season and ready to eat!

It's been a late start to the native oyster season this year, the water was still too warm in September for the oysters to be good enough to eat. Now that it's a bit colder the oysters are meatier and especially delicious.

Native Oysters are renowned as being the sweetest available and it is from these oysters that the 'R' in the month saying comes from - as they are only available from September through to April. The native has a flat round shell and the oyster itself is firm and meaty with big earthy flavours.

Native oysters can be a little harder to open as they are flat and the shell is more delicate than the rock oysters, take a look at our video on how to open oysters for some tips and remember it's easier to wiggle the oyster onto the knife rather than pushing the knife into the oyster.


There is a difference in taste between the rock and native oysters, our oyster tasting pack is back so you can try both oysters and we have written some tasting notes too.

We hope you enjoy our new season native oysters as much as we do at the Fishery.

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