Hard Shell, Cherrystone, Littleneck or Quahog these clams have lots of names, but one thing is for sure, they are delicious.

These clams come from our own river where they grow happily on the oyster beds along side the oysters. They vary in size from the small which are 4cm to 5cm in diameter to the large that are 6cm plus with some as big as your hand!

They are traditionally used to make clam chowder or clam cakes, we have added recipes for both these meals that have been tested and Fishery approved. The clam cakes are nothing like fish cakes or patties, they are like a savoury donut, crispy on the outside and light and pillowy on the inside with hidden chunks of clam... we really enjoyed the clam cakes. Some clam connoisseurs even have clam cakes with the clam chowder instead of bread.

The smaller clams can be opened like an oyster, you wiggle the shell onto the knife at the heel of the shell and then twist the knife to open the shell. But in most recipes you see boil the clams to cook and open them plus then you get an amazing flavoured broth.

We really recommend that you try our hard shell clams, they are underrated and absolutely delicious!