According to legend, Casanova enjoyed 50 oysters a day which led to oysters being declared the food of love... I'm not sure we recommend eating 50 oysters in one sitting but a dozen would do nicely and would make a nice treat for a loved one this Valentine's Day.

If you wanted to send them directly to your recipient, we can do that and if you add a gift message at the checkout we will include the handwritten note with your order. If you would like your order to remain a secret or would prefer that we don't send you emails and texts about your order then please call Katie on 01206 384141 pressing option 3 and we can make sure your order is a surprise!

We have a selection of gift packs, oysters and champagne, prosecco or manzanilla and our seafood platters that are great to share. You can add a bottle of champagne or one of our carefully chosen wines, we have a Chablis or a Scancerre to make up your own gift pack with any of our seafood, just make sure you choose their favourite!