We held a small competition for our newsletter subscribers to win a valentines gift from us, all they had to do was to write a valentines poem that was better than our own rather pathetic attempt, the bar was set very low!

We are delighted to announce the winner is Sarah with the entry below:

Charming oysters I cry
The oysters I buy
So plump and so fresh
So sweet is there flesh
No Colchester oyster
Is sweeter or moister
In your stomach they settle
And stir up your mettle!


Sarah won a dozen oysters and a bottle of prosecco which I'm sure you will agree is well deserved. Here are some of our other entries, you will see it was a hard to choose a winner as they were all so much better than our poem.


Our Dressed Lobsters are red,
With Chablis Grand Cru ,
Or Champagne and Oysters
From Colchester to you.

By Graham


Lobsters are ruby red
Oysters are pearly white
Scallops are sexy sweet
and delivered to you
For Valentine's day night!

By Jane


If I were a cabbage
I’d break myself in two
The leaves I’d give to many
But the heart I’d give to you

By Lucy


They live in the sea,
They land on your plate,
Colchester seafood,
Always tastes great

By Wolfgang


There was a young man from Colchester
Who often wore a souwester
His seafood's divine!
And it is all mine
So order your own my Valentine.

By Graham


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
But I've got you oysters,
Because I love you!

By Dave


Lobsters are red,
Sometimes they're blue,
Both are delicious,
And cooked fresh for you.

By Ilsa


Seafood and bread
Is quite a delight,
But freshly shucked oysters,
Should see me alright!

By Ian


The one to beat was written by me and went something like this:

Lobsters are red,
Oysters are white,
Scallops are sweet,
And we'll deliver for you!


Thank you to everyone who sent in their poems, it was really good fun reading them and better luck next time!