We have added a new product, a cracked crab. We know that it can be daunting when you order a cooked crab, it arrives and then what do you do with it? What parts can you eat and what exactly are dead mans fingers? So we came up with the Cracked Cornish Crab. 

We take a 2-3lb Cornish crab, cook it, then Toni will remove the dead man's fingers and other parts of the crab you don't want to eat. She then disassembles the crab, breaking off the legs, claws and knuckles and cracking the claws so you can easily get to all that delicious white claw meat. The meat within the body of the crab is a mix of white and brown meat, the part that holds most of the white meat is sectioned up to make it easier to pick the meat out, it looks a bit like grapefruit segments. This then leaves the brown meat that is tucked up around the corners of the shell for you to pick and enjoy. 

Once Toni has cracked the crab, she will then put it back together, without the messy bits and dead mans fingers and vacuum pack it ready for you to enjoy the next day.

Think of it as a cooked crab with most of the messy work done for you, but with the fun of picking the meat yourself. It's a great starting point if you enjoy crab, but are a little scared of having a whole crab to prepare yourself.

You don't need a pick to access all the meat, you can use a teaspoon to get to most of the meat or to help prise it out of the shell, but if you did want the proper tool for the job, you can find our shellfish picks here. 

Please don't confuse the cracked crab to a dressed crab, they are very different. A dressed crab is an equal mix of white crab meat and brown crab meat freshly picked from a large crab, presented in a small crab shell. All the work has been done for you. With our cracked crab you will need to pick the meat yourself, but that's the fun part!

Take a look at the Cracked Cornish Crab here.