King crab is delicious and some people prefer it to lobster, but how do you get the meat out of those long crab legs?

Here's how.

Step 1: Twisting at the joint

The crab is already cooked, so just make sure that it is fully defrosted before attempting to remove the meat. You may want to use a clean tea towel when handling since the legs have nodules that can be sharp. Twist the legs at the joints. Often you can pull the meat from the shell as you twist.

Step 2: Splitting the legs

Another way to remove the meat from the legs is to use kitchen shears to cut through the shell. This is easier than using a knife.

Step 3: Harvesting the meat

Pull apart the shell with your fingers. Use a small fork or a lobster pick to remove the meat from the legs and claws.

The crab meat can then be dipped in melted butter or gently poached to warm through, it is delicious and you can buy arctic king crab here.

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