It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas Delivery Dates: Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st December

Christmas Collection Dates: Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd December

New Year Delivery Dates: Thursday 28th & Friday 29th December

We suggest you order fresh seafood like lobsters and crab early and freeze them on delivery. Lobster and crab freeze really well and will easily keep for two months in the freezer. Take them out of the freezer the day before you want to eat them and pop them in the fridge upside down sealed in the vac pack bag to defrost thoroughly.

Rock oysters will be OK for Christmas Day but native oysters should be eaten within a day of their delivery.

New Years Orders

We will be delivering on 28th and 29th December with limited delivery slots so please book early to avoid disappointment. If you plan to have a seafood lunch on New Years day then we again suggest you freeze and defrost your seafood.

Order Books

As a small company we have a limited number of orders we can send out on one day, once the order limit for that day is reached, then our order book is closed.

Collecting From The Fishery

When collecting from the Fishery please drive slowly down our drive at a maximum of 10mph. This is because we have red squirrels and moorhens which do not have any road sense.

Please park in the car park and come to reception. 

We are a working Fishery, so please be careful as there are often lorries coming and going as well as our JCB moving oysters and boats around. Also, please check the tide time if you are coming onto the Island.