Our cooked, frozen, shell on Crevettes, a type of prawn, come in a range of sizes, depending on your needs.

These succulent, sweet and juicy prawns are ideal for cold dishes, we recommend that you don't cook them again, so for cocktails, salads, platters. If you want to cook with prawns take a look at our tiger prawns.

Small - 1kg box - Ideal for your half pint shell on prawns like your pint of prawns in the pub.
Medium - These come in a 2kg box which will feed four people on a main course perfectly, giving you about 10 prawns per person.
Large - In a 1kg box would feed four people three jumbo prawns each.

    As this is a frozen product, we recommend that you place in the fridge on arrival, consume within 3 days and do not re-freeze.