Ergonomic Oyster Knife


An oyster knife with a bit more grip.

Our gorgeous ergonomically designed oyster knife in sea blue moulded plastic makes teasing those oysters out of their shells safer and easier. Our oyster knives come from France and have been produced using the best known designs for their purpose. 

We all know that the best oysters in the world need to be opened using implements designed for the job and ours are tried and tested in our very own fishery. If you are unsure about opening oysters, take a look at this video we made of Graham showing you how.


Why choose this oyster knife?

This oyster knife is designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, to give you a good grip on the knife to help you open the oyster.

The ergonomic handle can feel odd in your hand when you first use it, but it with practice you may find this style of oyster knife easier to use than the traditional wooden handle version.