Six Medium Crevettes

Six frozen, cooked, whole crevettes

Although we have called these crevettes a medium, they are still nice and big and perfect for a platter.

The crevettes are already cooked and ready to eat, packed into bags of six. When putting your platter together these aren't as show stopping as the large crevettes, but they are just as delicious. If you are putting together a large platter or would prefer to have these crevettes instead of the small crevettes then we do sell them in 1kg boxes that would give you between 25 and 35 crevettes and would be better value than buying for or five packets of six.

Available in packs of six crevettes.

    As this is a frozen product which may begin to defrost during delivery, we recommend that you place in the fridge on arrival, consume within three days and do not re-freeze.


    Nutritional Information

    Nutritional value per 100g

    Energy: 420KJ / 99Kcal
    Fat: 0.98g
    Of which saturates: 0.24g
    Carbohydrates: <0.1g
    Protein: 22.6g
    Salt: 1.9g