Oyster Knife with Guard

A great knife for beginners or for opening native oysters

An oyster knife designed with safety in mind.

This oyster knife has a guard at the base of the handle to protect your hand from the shell. Ian prefers this knife to the other ones we have at the Fishery for opening all oysters, and he opens a lot! Our oyster knives come from France and have been produced using the best known designs for their purpose. 

We all know that the best oysters in the world need to be opened using implements designed for the job and ours are tried and tested in our very own fishery. If you are unsure about opening oysters, take a look at this video we made of Graham showing you how.

This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18.


Why choose this oyster knife

This oyster knife has a metal guard around the base of the blade for extra protection. It is great for opening native oysters as the shells are more fragile and prone to breaking, the guard should protect your hand should the shell break.

This knife is also a great knife if you are new to opening oysters as the guard should protect your hand if the knife or oyster slip when opening oysters.